Advantages of cash loans without endorsement

Unsecured cash loans are a reality in Mexico. Until recently, it was almost mandatory to present an economic guarantee to lenders or banks to process a loan. In the following lines we show you that this is no longer the case, in fact, it has many advantages that are not so.

Before going into detail, it is necessary, instead, to make a series of clarifications regarding these cash loans without endorsement. First, in relation to the term ‘in cash’: the amount of the loans granted by the companies that are part of this comparator is always transferred by bank transfer but, once received, the client can withdraw said money immediately from the cashier.

Second, we must clarify that when talking about cash loans without endorsement we refer to all types of guarantees. Remember that there are different types, mainly two: the staff, which is signed by a third person (friend, relative, agent, etc.), and the bank, which is granted by a bank.

More economic loans

What we commonly call cash loans without collateral have the advantage of being cheaper. At least if we refer to the bank guarantee: this guarantee granted by a financial institution is not free, but it is mandatory to disburse a considerable amount for it. Therefore, dispensing with it is an important saving, even if the CAT is above average.

Easier to process

Another advantage is that they are easier to process: the less paperwork and bureaucracy, the easier it will be. In this way, we skip an important obstacle: ask and negotiate a bank guarantee or look for someone from our environment who is willing to commit to a personal guarantee.

The usual in the loans of the companies of this comparator is that all the processing is online, from their websites and through an online form that involves a dedication of less than 5 minutes.


The immediacy is another factor that plays in favor of this option. Hence, many call them urgent loans in cash without endorsement. Eliminating a step like this means that times are reduced to the minimum, so in many cases only a few minutes pass from the sending of the request to its approval.

Easier to get

Undoubtedly, the less requirements, the easier to achieve the objective. It must be said that if the lenders do not ask for guarantees it is because the amount to be lent is moderately low and, therefore, practically any person can face their payment, without the need to present a third party guarantee.

In addition, in many cases there is talk of cash loans without a guarantee and without a Credit Bureau. That means that the lender not only considers an economic guarantee unnecessary but also ignores the debts that the applicant has in his credit history.

It should also be remembered that there are other common requirements that many of our lenders overlook. For example, that of the salary receipt : although the banks consider it essential, not all the companies in our comparison consider it fundamental, at least if the amount of the credit is not very high (in our comparator we show those that offer from 1,000 pesos).

More private

Another advantage with respect to loans in which a personal guarantee is required is precisely their greater privacy. The processing of this type of credit is totally confidential, while the operations involving third parties are no longer confidential, no matter how much confidence there is between both parties.

It should be remembered that the applicant communicates with the lender by online means or by cell phone, without traditional postal correspondence, so that no other person needs to know about the operation.

How to request them with our comparator

Our comparator will be your best help to request these loans without endorsement. To choose the most appropriate option you just have to use our amount and term selectors. Depending on the values ​​you enter, we will show you a series of lenders that fit those parameters.

The list will show your name, the amounts that can finance you, the score you have received from other customers who have already used their services and a button that gives you direct access to your website, which is where you really have to transact. application. We only offers updated information and link to the lender’s portal, free of charge, at no additional cost. It is also on the website of each company where you must ask your questions about credits, conditions and any other aspect.

If you thought that asking for a loan was very complicated, use our comparator and discover the facilities of this new form of financing.