Ways to get cash loans without a Bureau

The ways to get cash loans without bureaus are practically reduced at present to one: online lenders, such as those that you can currently find in the comparator. In any case, we will present here the possibilities that you currently have in hand to try your luck.

Lenders: high odds

We start with the most recommended and recommended option: that of the lenders of our comparator. The companies that are part of this section have openly acknowledged that they do not rule out granting loans in cash in the Credit Bureau to those who have some small debt registered in this list of debtors.

However, it is convenient to clarify what we call’ cash loans without a Bureau’: when referring to the term ‘cash’ we do not mean that the sending of the amount is made in  cash, but once received in the bank account, the user can easily withdraw it in cash at any ATM.

However, if the applicant’s credit history reflects high debts, the lender will reserve the right to grant the credit or not. To get rid of doubts, we recommend that you contact the company beforehand or directly process it.

Banking entities: null probabilities

Now, if you decide to try your luck and ask at a bank office for cash loans without a bank of Credit, your chances of success are reduced to zero. There is a rule in these entities that those who have a negative credit history can not enjoy a loan of this type. Neither under equal conditions nor in less advantageous conditions.

For banks, it is very important to have the guarantee that the user will pay the credit at 100%. And if they discover debts in their credit history, distrust will grow. Especially taking into account that the amounts handled by banks are much higher than the aforementioned online lenders, who sometimes only grant mini-credits of 1,000 pesos.

Private lenders: a risk option

One option that many people use is that of individual lenders. That is to say, those people who, because of their great personal economic patrimony or their business strategy, give cash loans, urgent and without Credit Bureau.

However, this option is not always recommended, as the user does not have the legal security provided by an online lender or a bank. Sometimes, the agreed conditions are really disproportionate and customers accept them only in those cases where they really do not see another possible way out of the situation.

Pawn shops: much to lose

Finally, another option that exists in Mexico: pawnshops. In effect, these establishments give money to clients in exchange for an object of value : from jewelry to musical instruments, passing through electronic devices and much more. And they do it for a certain period, which can be agreed between the two parties: until the client collects the money to pay the object involved plus the associated interest. For many, these credits can be considered cash loans without a bureau and with a guarantee, since the delivered object acts as a guarantee. However, there is also the possibility of selling these objects without the option to recover them later.

One of the negative sides of the first option is the risk of loss of the object involved, which usually has a great economic value (sometimes a vehicle) or a great associated sentimental value (a jewel, a musical instrument, etc.). ). In the second case, the loss is evident, because after the sale it is not possible to recover the object.

And once granted…


Finally, it is important to remember that once a loan has been granted, it is important to comply with the payment term. Otherwise, the user will be doing a disservice: with this delay or default, your credit history will again be damaged, because the lenders of our comparator usually collaborate with the Credit Bureau.

We remind you that on this page you can find more details about each lender, such as contact information or the opinion of other users like you. In the table you will find a direct link to your website and an assessment in the form of stars of each one.

And as for the conditions, these are usually the same as in the case of normal personal loans, aimed at users with a healthy credit history. That is, to be of legal age, with legal status in Mexico (demonstrable with an Elector Credential, for example) and a sufficient source of income to cover the expenses of the loan: a salary receipt and other supporting documents may be sufficient respect, depending on each company.